Order Policy

1. Orders must be placed by 9 pm the night before. Orders placed after 9 pm will be automatically moved to the next available order date.

2. Please wait for the Pink Bakery Team to contact you through the preferred mode of contact you left upon checkout of your order. We'll contact you within 24 hours or the night before your order date at the latest.

3. Please note that placing an order is not an automatic confirmation. Your order will be fulfilled as long as supplies last. If the item you want to order is not available for your pick up date, we will let you know what else we have available for that day or schedule you the first day that the product is available again.

4. We currently do not offer in-house delivery services. All orders must be picked up care of the customer.

If you have any concerns about sending your order to someone else (ex. I live abroad and want to send my family a gift, I'm sending my order as a gift, etc.) and need the express courier paid for beforehand, let us know and we can help you arrange this.

5. If using express couriers, make sure to give the driver your order name and order number to make sure he picks up the correct order. 

6. Orders will NOT be released upon pick-up if the order is not PAID.

7. No refunds will be issued for orders cancelled less than 1.5 hours before pick up time. If you wish to cancel your order on the order date or re-schedule your order, please confirm with us no later than 1.5 hours before your scheduled pick up time.